Business writing and the Loss of the ‘me’


Business texts are not blog posts, are not status updates about what you have eaten and are certainly no discussions about what may or may not be done on Christmas Eve. Business texts are a separate way of writing and unfortunately, these are also the texts where things go wrong. It’s not just a travel blog like providing information on many things to do in Amsterdam than just goin to Van Gogh museum. How come? Writers and people who like to write have the idea that a business text is just a text that is more formal written, in which ‘you’ is used and in which a call to action is central. All three starting points are wrong. A business text does not have to be formal, a business text can just be tutored and a call to action is not necessary at all. What do you have to pay attention to when writing a business text? If you are running an insurance company, you can “get more out of your wanneer zorgverzekering afsluiten 18 jaar” or get more out of your health insurance when it takes 18 years.

Business Writing Basics

businessIt’s Not About You

Actually, it is very simple. ‘I’ must disappear completely. The text is not about you, not about you, and has nothing to do with your opinion, education or ideas. It’s about the reader. You have to reach the reader by speaking his language, by using his education and thinking about his objective when reading the text and not based on how to use any zalora gift card promo code. Why does the reader come to you, what does the reader want from you and what assumptions does this reader take with you?

Have Someone Proofread Your Writing

Only when you can incorporate all these points are you on the right track of writing a business text. If you finish the text, have another person read the text – professional proofreaders charge per word and it will be a great deal of saving to use agoda discount code credit card when paying. This makes you a better writer. You see your own mistakes less quickly than others and the other person can see much better how the article is read by an external actor. That way you can be sure that your text is business-like.